Are men intimidated by highly-educated women?
Are men intimidated by highly-educated women?

Both previous research and boatloads of anecdotal evidence show that in the context of dating and longer-term relationships, heterosexual men are intimidated by women who are more educated than they are. The theory goes that highly educated women tend to earn more money, which disrupts the stereotypical gender norms. And some guys don’t like this.
But, a new study shows something a little different. When it comes to younger guys, and more casual types of relationships, men don’t appear to be turned off by highly educated women.
In a clever study using Tinder, researchers varied the education level of fake male and female profiles. Some had bachelor degrees, while others had masters degrees from more prestigious schools.
What they discovered was that both men and women were as likely to swipe the highly educated profiles as the less educated profiles. In other words, level of education made no difference.
So, it’s fair to say that for younger men looking to hook up and casually date, a woman’s level of education seems to have no impact on partner choice.

Source: “Are men intimidated by highly educated women? Undercover on Tinder” by Neyt, B., Vandenbulcke, S., & Baert, S.